Home essentials you should always have on hand



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While everyone has heard of “pantry staples” — such as flour and sugar — there are some items every household needs from time to time that aren’t related to the kitchen. Chances are you may already have a few of these items in your junk drawer or stashed in with your cleaning supplies, but just in case you don’t, here are a few items that you should keep in stock. 


Cleaning accessories

While floor and glass cleaners, wipes for the counter, and bath and tile foam are surely among your cleaning products, oftentimes we find we’re missing the actual items we need to do the cleaning with. Keep in stock cleaning cloths for dusting, sponges for scrubbing and rubber gloves to protect your hands, and you’ll always be ready to attack those dirty corners in your home.


Handy tools

Whether your remote control is dying, you battle thunderstorms and power outages on a regular basis or you need to know exactly where on the wall to hang those newlywed photos, here are four items you should never be without to tackle these jobs and more: batteries, flashlights (stash them in a few places in case you’re not near the kitchen/garage when the lights go out), matches (again, store them near candles for emergencies), and a ruler/tape measurer.


Get sticky

What do you need to hang those templates on your wall to make a photo arrangement? Painter’s tape. And how about that last-minute present you need to wrap for your mother-in-law? Scotch tape. Two more sticky solutions that are often needed: duct tape and Super Glue.


Sew necessary

You lost a button on your shirt or the strap broke on your favorite sundress. Just like your mom taught you, a sewing kit is a great thing to have. But at least have buttons, needles, thread and safety pins tucked away in your desk or dresser drawers.