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Unfortunately, there are lots of ways to hurt yourself while in the safety of your own home. But lucky for you, June is Home Safety Month, and HellaWella is here to help. We’ve compiled a quick list of room-by-room preventive measures — from the Home Safety Council — to keep you safe and sound.

If you’re in the kitchen:

• Don’t leave the room if you’re cooking on the stove, and make sure your children and pets are a safe distance away; and
• Keep chemicals away from food.

If you’re in the bathroom:

• Use a grab bar or nonslip mat/strips in the bath or shower to prevent falls;
• Keep your water heater at 120° Fahrenheit or lower to avoid hot water burns; and
• Watch your kids around water.

If you’re in the bedroom:

• Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work; and
• Protect your kids from window cords by clipping them up high or install cordless blinds.

If you’re in the backyard:

• Mow your lawn with sturdy shoes and make sure to check for debris before you start working;
• Keep your grill at least 10 ft. from your home, shrubs and bushes; and
• When you use a ladder, make sure you’re on a firm, level surface, lock the spreaders and stay below the labeled maximum height.

If you’re a DIYer:

• Nix loose clothing and jewelry, but wear safety glasses when revving up power tools;
• Keep chemicals/cleansers in their original containers — and don’t mix and match; and
• Always read product labels and wear gloves/goggles/masks if told to do so.

For more info and a comprehensive room-by-room safety tutorial, check out HomeSafetyCouncil.org.