Hooked on quinoa? Now it can be in your martini, too


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Vodka is typically made from grains and potatoes, so why not quinoa, right? FAIR, the first spirits brand in the world to produce only Fair Trade-certified spirits, uses quinoa imported from a Bolivian cooperative of 1,200 farmers to make its FAIR Quinoa Vodka, the first vodka to be created using quinoa.

The quinoa is imported from Bolivia into Cognac, France, where it’s brewed and distilled in Cognac to create “the only vodka made like a white whisky,” according to the company’s website. The vodka is 40% alcohol and is described as having a “dry-yet-fruity, light-to-medium body with cream of wheat and whole milk notes.”

Maybe this would be good for a White Russian? We think we’ll pass on the quinoa-vodka Bloody Mary.

Whether you’re a vodka fan or not — or a quinoa fan or not — you’ll be able to appreciate this company. All of its products are produced from Fair Trade-certified ingredients and are cultivated from organic farms.

FAIR even makes a Goji Liqueur from the antioxidant-packed goji berry if fruity and sweet is more your style. The company works with 300 Tibetan farmers and 900 sugar farmers in Kasinthula (Malawi) to make this 44-proof liqueur that the website claims “tastes like an English candy.”