Hooray for Bollywood! Doonya delivers a fun, exciting workout


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doonya2Bollywood is a high-energy form of dance, as well as a powerful form of storytelling in Indian cinema. It can be complex, but dancers Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai have created Doonya, a three-disc “Bollywood Dance Workout Series” that blends Bollywood with other styles, such as jazz, hip hop and bhangra — centuries-old folk dance from Northern India — to create a joyful workout that will get you moving and build strength and confidence.

The first DVD, “Beginner Breakdown,” helps to set the fundamentals of the Doonya program with an easy-to-follow breakdown of each of the key moves you will need for all of the routines in the series. Practice those moves with your first lesson: an upbeat beginner dance to the song “Say Na, Say Na.” Be prepared to sweat and smile.

The fun kicks into high gear with the second DVD, “Cardio Dance and Conditioning.” Here, after a brief, fast-paced refresher of all the moves you’ve learned in Beginner Breakdown, it’s time to groove with a challenging but entertaining series of 11 dance routines that work your entire body. Kajal and Priya make even the toughest dances exciting and happy by helping us pretend we are in a Bollywood film. With Doonya, you’re not just dancing — you’re flirting, playing instruments and smiling all the way through! You can do all 11 or mix and match to create a workout that fits your schedule. There’s also an option to do the dances without instruction, once you’re familiar with the routines.

Tone up with the third DVD, “Abs, Glutes and Cardio,” a conditioning series that makes planks and other tough tightening moves less torturous. I mean, how can you hate chair squats when your hands are in bunny position? There is also a 16-minute express cardio segment so you can get your Doonya on even when you’re in a hurry.

Check out Doonya.com to order the DVDs and learn more about Priya and Kajal.

Check out this short video explaining the Doonya program.