Free Starbucks Refresher on Friday and other hot summer deals


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Don't miss these great summer deals while they're still hot.

Summer heat dragging you down? Cool off and get energized with this deal for Starbucks' new Refrshers Fruit Energy Drinks. This Friday only, enjoy a free 12-ounce drink at participating stores.

Think you can’t catch a cold in the summer? Think again. Keep those germs at bay with this deal for two i-Sensor Touchless soaps or hand sanitizer dispensers for just $39.

Beach season isn’t over yet, so if you’ve been slacking off, get back in gear with this deal from Health.com, which offers 20% off the “Sexy Abs” DVD featuring trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Grammy winner Kelly Rowland. Use promo code ”SEXYABS20”

Even the most nutritionally minded need a boost once in a while, and with this deal from $10 Buck Supplements, you can be sure you are stacking the health deck in your favor. For $9.99, you get the Raspberry Ketone Supplement (a $19.99 value.)

Stay on top of your health with the help of Prevention magazine. For just $8, you can get 12 issues ($15.85 value).

Love the taste of Jamba smoothies, but hate waiting in line to get one? Make your own delicious treat with this deal for $1 off any one Jamba All Natural Frozen Smoothie Kit.