How to boost your metabolism and burn extra fat this winter


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Holiday celebrations and get-togethers often urge fitness enthusiasts to evade their dedicated attitudes about living a healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to succumb to the dreaded impact of adding on bad weight this winter though. Frigid outdoor conditions are a common excuse for exercise aficionados who claim to be burnt out from frosty workouts. But the harsh cold weather climate can actually help boost your metabolism and increase your chances of burning fat.

Avoid overeating so that your body maintains a stable amount of fuel to burn during exercise. It’s important to also limit consumption of adult beverages containing alcohol. Your metabolism doesn’t fluctuate due to external temperature, so cold weather won’t slow down ability to burn fat. Adding extra fat will disable your chances of achieving your winter fitness goal though. Be conscious of your eating and drinking decisions when possible.

Don’t hesitate to sleep-in this winter. According to WebMD.com, becoming sleep deficient will decrease the number of calories your body burns at rest, which negatively impacts your metabolism. Cold, damp winter weather might not be an excuse to ignore exercise, but its good reason to snooze for an extra hour or two each night.

Burn extra fat this winter by dedicating yourself to a rigorous outdoor winter training program that includes activities like jogging, snowshoeing, and snow shoveling. If you’re ultimately able to control poor winter dieting habits while allowing yourself sufficient time to rest, you’ll likely boost your metabolism and also burn extra fat. These core principles are applicable year-round, but serve as a positive reminder during the holiday season.