How to build the perfect gym bag


Water bottle, towel sneakers and gym bag

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It doesn’t matter if you have a dank old duffle bag from 1983 or the trendiest, most expensive bag. Without the right contents, your gym bag is crap.

Make sure you have the following essentials packed, and your next workout will be your best one yet.


Wipe it down


Bring a towel so you can keep the sweat out of your eyes and off the machines. The Hydryx Hard-Core Workout Towel absorbs sweat and cools you down. It rolls up in a nifty case, too.

Lock it up

Masterlock's new electronic lock

People can be jerks. Lock up your gear with a lock that’s secure and easy to use. Avoid locks that require keys — that’s just one more thing to worry about. Masterlock’s dialSpeed electronic combination lock has a gamer style directional pad interface. Yes, you can create a combination based on your favorite Nintendo game. (Our fav is “Contra”: up up down down left right left right B A start.)


Fresh Body product

Stay clean and stink-free by always bringing a travel-size deodorant, shampoo, body wash and, if you have the room, a change of clothes. If you can’t make the shower, be sure to have a few packets of body wipes in your bag along with some dry shampoo. A change of underwear and socks and voilà!, you’ll feel like a million bucks.


 Fuel up

apple, weights and water

You need to eat 30 to 60 minutes after exercising, so keep a handy, travel-friendly snack in your gym bag. Try a turkey sandwich — if you are sure you’ll eat it that day (don’t let it fester!) — or a protein bar.

Rehydrate on the move. Always have a sports drink on hand to restore electrolytes. Stash a collapsible water bottle in your bag so you can fill it up at the water fountain before you leave the gym.

Rock out

earbuds and mp3 player

Music can do wonders for your motivation while you're at the gym. Keep a spare pair of ear buds in your gym bag so you can easily plug into your smartphone. There's nothing more annoying than beginning your workout only to discover that you left your headphones at home.