How to DIY your own lipstick right at home


Bright lipstick

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Ever head over to the makeup counter only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of lipstick choices? There are tons of reds, pinks, purples, peach, orange.

If you're tired of hunting for that perfect shade, why not take the DIY route and make your own lipstick right in the comfort of your own home? Sure, you may not get the exact shade you wanted at first, but experimenting is half the fun.



There are kits that include a base, colorants and accessories. These can run anywhere between $10 and $50. As with any beauty product, even the DIY kind, there are high-end kits that go for $150. That’s pretty steep, and although they tend to come with lipstick molds, they are also unnecessary if you’re not planning on setting up shop and mass producing your new lippy.

There are also bases that you can add your own colors to. A sample size of the stuff will cost you $1.50, 4 ounces cost $5, and 5 pounds costs $40. You get the idea.

But if you want even more control over the shade you’re looking to create, you can go with a very basic recipe: wax, oil, "butter" and color.

The shade featured here is a combination of 72-degree and 92-degree melt-point coconut oils, candelilla wax and cocoa butter as a base. You don’t have to combine two melt points, either. It’s just that the 72-degree melt point will probably melt all over your stuff, and 92 degrees helps to keep that from happening while still going on smoothly.

The first batch of the featured shade was sheerer than expected, and it seems the missing ingredient was titanium dioxide — which is a metal and not something we’re thrilled about breathing in while making our own lipstick.

A fairly reasonable substitute for it is magnesium myristate, a salt from a fatty acid.

If this is your first attempt at making your own lipstick, you can get away with purchasing all your materials from a wholesaler and stick with their sample sizes. Containers run for about $3 (10 tubes or five jumbo pencils). Coconut oils are $3.75 per pound, pigments/mica samples are approximately $1.50 each, and butter samples are $1.50 each.