How do you ‘Live it HellaWella?’


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Tell us how you 'Live it HellaWella' and you could win an HW T-shirt (100% recycled, of course). To kick off the contest, the HellaWella team is sharing their own unique ways of embracing the HW lifestyle. Click here for your chance to win.


Jaclyn Bertner, House Editor
One college Tae Bo class with Billy Blanks and I was hooked. Ten years later, I still live it HellaWella working up a sweat at the gym.






Allison Cerra, Vitals Editor
I live it HellaWella by trying something new. From jumping off a cliff or eating a new food, I've embraced a more “carpe diem” outlook.





Gail Hoffer, Green Editor
Whether it’s taking a cooking class or buying local produce, I live it HellaWella by striving to put the best food in my body.






Jennifer Mosscrop, Sweat Editor
Hip checks, booty blocks and a whole lotta speed. I train everyday to build up the strength and endurance needed to play roller derby.






Melissa Valliant, Eats Editor
I live it HellaWella by getting myself on a board whenever I can, whether it’s surfing or snowboarding. Despite the occasional mortifying wipeout, it’s always worth it.





Darren Ursino, Creative Director
I live it HellaWella by nourishing my pets with all-natural foods and a steady diet of the post-modern classics.