How to dominate your office’s gift exchange


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Holiday gifts in the form of hand lotion or Dunkin Donuts coffee are so overdone in the office that gift exchanges basically become coffee exchanges (of the same exact coffee) fused with the scent of nauseating florals, sticky-sweet vanillas or other offensive odors. So what’s a person to do to avoid being the laughing stock of the office holiday party? Dominate it by purchasing very specific gifts, that’s what!

Let’s take a look at some of the most unique gifts for that special person in your office:


For the boss

This is tricky because there are a lot of landmines when buying for someone higher on the food chain. That’s why sticking with homemade baked goods (if you’re a good baker) works — it’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s thoughtful (also, delicious) without getting too brown-nosey.


For the prankster

She was putting whoopee cushions on chairs and staplers in Jell-O years before they were trendy. The gag with the fake vomit was a huge hit too. Let’s help this girl-trapped-in-a-woman’s-body take her game to the next level. We present to you “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2" ($13.34). 


For the techie

He’s bebopping around the office helping everyone with their information technology needs, so all of his calls go straight to his cell phone. Sometimes it’s tiring to have a cell phone stuck to one’s face for hours, so get him the Moshi Moshi Handset ($20.30), to give his cheek a breather.


For the style maven

She’s the first person to try and effortlessly wear all of the trendiest hairstyles and colors, and she can pull off lipstick colors like Cheese-Curl-Finger Orange. In a nutshell, she’s a style goddess that everyone in the office looks to when someone needs to be on camera. How can you help keep her camera-ready at all times? The LED Mirror Watch ($10).


For the graphic designer

Let’s face it. You need to be in the good graces of the office graphic designer. He/she makes every publication or presentation look beautiful and you really want your work to shine. What do I know about design? Well, I can’t buy him/her white space, can I? Hmm. Yes! Fonts as a gift. Helvetica, the world’s most perfect font, as a smell ($62). Or, if you’re trying to avoid the whole scent arena completely (or are looking for something much more affordable): Helvetica playing cards ($10).


For the calamity

This guy is nicer than Santa Claus himself. He’s a diligent worker. He’s never picked for the softball team because the idea of giving him a bat is terrifying. Yes, he’s the office calamity — the man who manages to lose his balance and knock over two other people while standing still. Don’t even get us started on his desk. Oy. For him, we ‘d get him the Drinklip Portable Cupholder ($21.96). Everyone will thank you when they start getting his weekly Google Analytics reports without the stains of coffee or Coke.