How to get in shape like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders


Dallas Cowboy Chearleaders

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The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are American icons, evidenced by the addictive television show, "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team,” currently airing its ninth season on Country Music Television. Week after week, we follow the rigorous audition and training process as veteran cheerleaders and rookies work to be a part of the most revered cheerleading squad in the nation, demonstrating an enviable amount of stamina, grace and strength.

While it may be difficult to join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, it’s easy to train with the pros who have helped the cheerleaders stay fit. Remember to check with your physician before beginning these or any other exercise programs:

Cheer boot camp

One of the familiar faces of “Making the Team” is Jay Johnson, the official trainer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. He helps to ensure all of their fitness goals become a reality, and he can help you, too. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can take live classes at Jay Johnson’s Boot Camp with Johnson and his training crew, like the signature four-week boot camp. According to Johnson’s website, boot camps include “20 versions of the military standard push-up and sit-up,” in case you were wondering how the cheerleaders get their insane abs. The camps also offer strength training, nutrition advice and more. Can’t make it to a live class? No worries! Work out with the squad via the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Power Bod Squad! Hard Body Boot Camp DVD, featuring both high- and low-impact exercises that will introduce you to Johnson’s workout style.

Ready for more? Johnson’s boot camp DVD series offers 22 workouts that aim to get you in shape in nine weeks, and audio workouts so you can get fit on the go with such routines as the Butts and Guts Blaster, no television required. A supplemental e-book will help you learn proper form for the audio workouts.

Putting the ‘ohm’ in pom

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Power Bod Squad! Body Slimming Yoga DVD features the instruction of Kurt Johnsen. Johnsen’s goal is to create “healthy, happy humans,” and he must be pretty effective to have helped those busy cheerleaders remain strong and centered. Those in the Dallas area can take a class with Johnsen at his studio, American Power Yoga. His yoga system, American Power Yoga 60, is available as a DVD set. Check out Johnsen in action with this American Power Yoga all levels class. Johnsen’s show for Veria Living, "Yoga for Life," is also available online, giving you plenty of opportunities to practice with him in the comfort of your own home.

Just dance

Of course, the squad stays in shape with dance! Fitness Blender estimates that hip hop dancing burns anywhere from 370 to 610 calories per hour, country or western can get you up to 420 calories, while moshing (yes, it counts!) burns upwards of 450 calories. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Power Bod Squad! Calorie Blasting Dance DVD is a good place to start; check out a preview via Total Fitness DVDs.

We can’t promise you’ll be on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders' kick line, but get moving and you could be one step closer to achieving a cheerleader’s strength and body.