How to grow green onions in your very own kitchen


Green onion

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This member of the allium family is available year round at pretty much any supermarket or grocery store. Also known as spring onions and scallions, green onions are incredibly versatile and used in many dishes and different cuisines, from Vietnamese to Mexican. While green onions have a strong flavor, they’re perfectly suited to being eaten raw, unlike some other types of onions.

But the good news doesn’t end there. Green onions contain a number of essential vitamins, including Vitamin A that promotes eye health, Vitamin C that boosts heart health and Vitamin K that helps keep bones strong. We sprinkle them on everything — hence our interest in cultivating our own crop.

Growing your own green onions at home is easy — all you need is a small container, leftover green onion root and water. Once your onions start growing, they can remain in the water and won’t need to be transplanted to soil. We like to grow several at a time so we have a constant supply. At this rate, we’ll never have to buy green onions again.


Green onionStep 1

Find the perfect vessel for growing your green onions. We actually use two containers — a small glass cylinder and a miniature mason jar — both about three inches high. Although you can use a colored vessel, we like glass because it’s easy to see the onions’ progress as they grow from root to stalk. 


Step 2

Chop off the onion on the pale green part, cooking with the usable part. Your options are endless, from potatoes to salads.


Step 3

Place the green onion root down in your selected container, propping it up against the side so it won’t fall over during the growing process.


Step 4

Fill your chosen vessel with about 1 inch of water (or more, depending on the height of your onion root). Take care not to fully immerse the onion root in water.


Step 5

Place the container in a well-lit spot, sit back and watch it grow. We change out the water every day to keep the onion fresh and healthy. Within a week you should have a fully grown green onion just waiting to be eaten.