How to make your home a better place for healthy eating


Family eating dinner at home.

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Eating healthy can be a full-time struggle.

Parents especially are more likely to pull double-duty trying to keep the kids and spouse eating healthy foods consistently. It’s not easy, either, with conflicting and hectic schedules, less time to prepare meals, portion sizes that are out of control and a proclivity for junk food.

But there are a few easy tricks that families can do to establish and keep good eating habits at home that will stick. For healthier habits, look no further than the kitchen.

That’s right — you’re welcome for the ground-breaking advice. I’ll send you my invoice.

Seriously, though. There are little tricks — slight alterations to the daily household routine — that can make a world of difference in establishing and sticking to healthy eating habits. Let’s look at some of the strategies that we can use to make our homes a better place to succeed in eating more of the good and less of the bad.

Plan out your meals and grocery shop in advance

Menu planning not only helps us eat healthier but also saves money. That sounds pretty great to us.

We live in a crazy-busy world where it’s more likely that waiting until 5 p.m. to think about what to do for dinner will yield an unhealthy, large-portioned fast-food meal than something nutritious. Do that multiple times in a week and you have a health problem on your hands.

Planning meals in advanced allows you the time to look for healthy recipes; helps you make specific grocery purchases with less room for junk; saves money; and makes it more likely that you’ll consume a variety of healthy foods, making it less likely that you’ll get bored with your meals.