How many Chipotle burritos would fulfill your daily calorie needs? [Video]


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The average person needs about 2,000 calories to get through the day. But unless you have it down to a science or keep a food journal, that number can get out of whack. (We already shared with you what 200 calories look like, but that’s really only helpful for snack choices.)

We think it would shock you to know how little of your favorite junk food constitutes 2,000 calories. And you can thank Matt Johnston of Business Insider for breaking it down.

For example, if you only ate pizza all day, you would reach your caloric maximum at seven slices. Or if you’re a Chipotle fanatic, you’d hit 2,000 calories at just 2.5 burritos.

If you love carrots, we’ve got good news for you: You could eat 67(!) carrots all the live long day before you consumed 2,000 calories.

Regardless of how you choose to fill your daily caloric needs, make sure you watch this video so you don't overdo it on the burritos.