How to meet people through fitness


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gym_friendsIf you’re new to an area, or just want to meet some people with similar fitness interests, there are few ways to pick up a new friend without seeming overly desperate. If you follow these simple tips, finding a fitness buddy can be as easy as taking out your ear buds and scouting out new places with friend potential.


When you walk around the gym blasting Beyonce, you’re sending the message that you don’t want to be interrupted. Next time you’re working out, try taking out your ear buds and look for others who are unplugged. Likewise, if you scout out someone with friend potential but they look “in the zone,” wait for an appropriate moment to say hello and ask where they bought their great-looking running shoes. Very few people can turn down a compliment!

Consider the classes

Think about which fitness classes you might enjoy (e.g., Zumba, yoga, kickboxing, etc.) and join them at your gym. Classes are a great way to meet friends in a more intimate setting. To boost your chances of striking up a conversation, arrive early to class or linger longer once class is over. If your gym doesn’t offer a wide variety of classes or is perhaps full of people decades older than you, check out the clubs, Meetups and events in your area.

Ask your fit coworkers

Maybe getting chummy with a coworker isn’t your cup of tea, but there’s a good chance a colleague may have some insight on great places to meet some fitness friends. Think about which colleagues are mentioning the fun they had at kickball or that hiking trip planned this summer, and ask to tag along.

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