How much extra exercise must you do to burn off that glazed doughnut?


woman kicking the crap out of fatty fast food

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Not everyone is a natural born fitness addict. Those of us who aren't can appreciate what a small miracle it is when we manage to somehow embark on a diet and exercise routine — never mind actually stick to it. The thing about finally incorporating exercise into our daily grind is that it becomes very tempting to let the diet start to slip.

Maybe it's a couple of cookies. It doesn't matter because you're exercising, you may reason. Maybe it's just one night of pizza heaven — you'll do an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill, you bargain. Next thing you know, it's plateau city, population: you. And once you feel like you've fizzled out, exercising doesn't seem worth it anymore.

Don't let all that effort be in vain. If you bargain with yourself until both diet and exercise park themselves on the backburner, then check out this infographic created by Women's Health magazine. It breaks down exactly how much more working out you have to do to justify that cheeseburger or that slice of cheesecake. Seeing the information before you indulge may inspire you to simply pass or seek out a healthier, skinny version of the treat you're craving.

Source: Women's Health magazine