How often should you replace your fridge water filter?


cleaning the fridge filter

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If you’re a Brightnest reader, you’re probably pretty good at fridge maintenance. You clean out the old stuff, wipe down spills, maintain a healthy temperature and keep the organization on point.

But there’s one more fridge tip that requires thinking outside the icebox: replacing your water filter.


The suggested regimen is replacing your water filter every six months.

Why is this important? A few unpleasant things will happen if you neglect this twice-a-year task.

1. Your water will contain higher amounts of chemicals (such as pesticides), metals (such as lead) and even pieces of the filter itself (which’ll leave a nasty black layer at the bottom of your drinking glass).

2. Your water will pour slower from your fridge faucet, which is really annoying if you’re filling water glasses for a family dinner.

3. Your ice will get cloudy, which is not a good look for cocktails.

There you have it! If it’s been a while (or forever) since you last changed your fridge’s water filter, refresh yourself on the process with this step-by-step guide.


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