How to pimp up a glass of water



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Precious water! Rejuvenating water! Healthy water! Er, transparent water! Boring water? Most of us have some idea of the benefits, nay essential nature, of water: it’s good for your digestion, your metabolism, your skin and your waistline. As adults, our bodies are around 60% water, so it’s no wonder that it would be seven times quicker to die of thirst than of hunger. But… water, huh? It’s not the sexiest of drinks, is it?

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to stay properly hydrated through the day, you only have your own imagination to blame. Water’s lack of flavor and color is just what makes it so versatile, and with a water cocktail you’re starting from a healthy baseline (you already know how many calories a typical soda carries). So it’s cheap to start your day with a rehydrating, detoxifying cucumber and lime special: keep it in the fridge overnight to add a little chill to the zing.

You’ll want to hold on to the other half of that lime you squeezed (isn’t lime a tad more tasty than lemon?). When the post-lunch slump hits, pairing up the rest of your lime with some grated ginger and pomegranate seeds can reignite your day before it goes to waste. Your colleagues will be jealous for sure.

And when the sun goes down, and you’ve promised yourself a night off the booze, try adding a handful of fennel tops to some carbonated water for a fizzy treat. It’s still an event drink, but rather than sabotaging the next day you’re actually doing something good for yourself.

Of course, it doesn’t take too much work to concoct a few new recipes once you have the resolve. But for a few more ideas to get you started, check out the fab infographic from Budget Direct below, and you’ll be squeezing, chopping and sipping in no time.

How to pimp up a glass of water

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