How to prep your body for a successful ski/snowboarding season


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Your favorite winter sports aren’t just adrenaline-pumping, thrill-seeking adventures in the snow. Skiing and snowboarding are full-fledged, muscle-building modes of exercise that can supplement your seasonal outdoor workout regimen.

Strength is the key to succeeding in snow sports, regardless of whether you hit the slopes competitively or recreationally. Using certain weight-training tactics before your snow-bound adventure can increase your flexibility and strength, which will enable you to perform at peak ability on the slopes.

Dave Mannetter, head staff trainer at Mammoth Mountain Ski School in California, asserts that possessing a high level of strength makes balancing on the slopes less strenuous. Participating in snow sports like skiing and snowboarding helps build muscle mass in the arms, chest, back and shoulders, according to NSP.org. Creating a workout plan that emphasizes the upper body can help increase your ability to hold yourself up while coasting down the slopes.

Mannetter also recommends incorporating lower body weight training into your regimen, specifically exercises that can be completed using free weights, such as lunges and squats. This type of weight training will improve your balance and posture. Building strength in your lower body will help stabilize your back while sliding down mountain terrain at wind-slicing rates. Stretching is also crucial. Staying limber will increase your overall coordination and range of motion, especially in cold weather.

A 150-person burns approximately 360 to 570 calories in one hour of downhill skiing and roughly 480 calories snowboarding, according to WebMD.com. Snow sports are demanding. Sufficient preparation for hitting the slopes requires a complete weight-training program that focuses on all major muscle groups. It’s also important to pick a terrain that best fits your natural abilities. Beginners should prepare for a snow trip in the weight room, specifically because appropriate muscle training will increase your body’s ability to react on the slopes.