How to recover from a food splurge (it’s possible!)


man eating from multiple plates of food.

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I woke up on the living room couch with the television blaring and purple lips, still wearing my skinny jeans at 4 a.m. a few weeks ago and knew immediately that my old friend sangria had struck again.

Not a pretty sight, but even worse for my latter-20s body, which ran like there was sludge flowing through my veins the next day. It took quite a bit of water, veggies and running to make me feel better during the next few days. Sangria, why do we do this dance?

While summer means that there is an endless amount of physical activity and beautiful weather to keep us moving — and mouthwatering healthy foods in-season — there also are weddings, picnics, vacations and outdoor happy hours that include too many daiquiris. Bottom line: Sometimes even the most disciplined of us splurge to excess.

All hope is not lost though! There are tricks we can use to get back on track faster and with minimal damage to our diet and workout when we fall victim to our cravings. So stop feeling guilty about your indiscretion and start following these helpful tips for overcoming a splurge.

Focus your timeframe

It’ll take you about three days to get back on track after eating and drinking to excess. This gives you a healthy amount of time to recover, detox and reacquaint your body with its previous healthy routine. It’s important not to take any of these steps to extremes. Like losing weight, recovering from a binge takes time and there’s no quick fix.