How to set up your smartphone to maximize your health benefits


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Most people keep their cell phones around them at all times, so it’s no wonder that it’s become a key resource for keeping yourself in check when trying to adapt to a new diet. Here's how to leverage it as an assistant in your healthy lifestyle.


Take advantage of basic features

Your phone comes with many tools that you can utilize to maintain healthy habits. You can use your calendar to plan out meals in advance to keep you on track even if your week gets hectic. If you are on a particular diet plan, setting alarms to remind you when to have a snack or shake can ensure you stick to your regimen. Use the notepad to jot down meal ideas, recipes or a shopping list so you aren’t standing in the grocery store with no plan, being tempted to buy a quick pre-made meal.

Even the more inexpensive smartphones, like the affordable BlackBerry 10 phones, have excellent calendars, notepads and alarms with ample space for meal planning.


Download a healthy eating app

Sometimes the trouble isn't remembering what to eat or avoid; it's simply lacking the time and food knowledge to make the best decisions throughout your day. That’s where apps come in. You likely know that there is an insane amount of apps out there for you to download, so it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which one best suits your needs and is worth your while. Here are some of the best:


This app doesn't merely help you with spur-of-the-moment food choices; it also educates you to make better eating decisions. It offers daily tips from nutrition specialists, debunks common healthy eating myths and allows you to save or store the information you'll need later.

Weight Watchers Mobile

This app isn't just for those following the Weight Watchers weight-loss plan. It helps you keep track of what you're eating and teaches you how to make better eating decisions. Their complementary Kitchen Companion app assists you as you prepare and cook healthier meals in your own kitchen. 


Perhaps the most helpful when it comes to keeping track of consumption, MyFitnessPal is an app that is customized to meet your personal goals, whether it’s weight loss, maintenance or gain. It gives you a calorie limit for the day and allows you to add every morsel you eat to your daily log. It also has a database of more than 3 million food items that make keeping track a cinch. MyFitnessPal also allows you to enter the amount of exercise you did and keeps track of that in your log as well.


Find your favorite exercise app

Like food apps, there is a plethora of exercise apps out there to try, but the best ones are easy to use and versatile. Try these:

Nike Training Club

This Nike app offers more than 100 exclusive workouts and will filter the exercises to suit your personal goals. It also offers videos and pictures to ensure you understand your exercises.


Keeping track of all the logistics of your run can kill your motivation, but Runkeeper eliminates the hassle and lets you keep your focus. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your route, helps you focus on your goals and offers training plans.


Sometimes all you need is the right music to revamp your workout, and FitRadio will help give you that extra push. You can select a genre that you prefer, and it also features mixes to keep your playlist from getting stale and allows you to save your favorites.


Plug into podcasts

When you’re at work or enduring your commute, listen to health and fitness podcasts to keep yourself focused on your goals. You can listen to your favorites on your smartphone anywhere you go and stay motivated by listening and learning about the latest in health and fitness. Try sampling these:

Dishing Up Nutrition

This podcast features licensed nutritionists and dietitians that discuss how the food you eat affects different aspects of your life; they also offer great advice on how to counteract dietary issues. 


This podcast is produced weekly and is talk-show style, featuring Kevin Larrabee, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. They discuss a wide array of diet and exercise topics and are sure to keep you focused on your goals.