How to tame your linen closet


linen closet

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The linens in your closet may be clean, but are they as organized as possible? Not likely. Between sheets, towels, washcloths, pillowcases and mixed-matched bedspreads, linen closets quickly become a stuff-and-go spot where you try to pull out a towel and wind up creating an avalanche of sheets on your face.

Give your linen closet new life by evaluating what’s there. (Do you really need five orphaned top-sheets?)

That’s right, we’re talking about a linen audit! If you answer yes to any of the following questions, donate, toss, or turn the offending linen into rags.

1. Is there a super-nasty stain?

2. Is it over 10 years old?

3. Is it part of a set that is no longer together?

For the items that pass the test, organize them into “guest,” “bedroom,” and “bathroom” into piles on your bed. Make sure to put sets together, pillow-cases and all! While your closet is empty of linens, secure a few acrylic shelf dividers about a foot apart from one another. These dividers will make little neat aisles for your stuff. Then, place your organized items into the aisles. Boom, done! The aisles will prevent the closet from devolving into a black hole of unused sheets and things.


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