How to tidy up that tiny bathroom



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Tiny bathrooms may seem impossible to work with, but with so many small apartments in big cities, many of us simply can’t avoid them. Thankfully, there are solutions that can help you keep your odds and ends organized and, when desired, out of sight.

Here are six tips to keep your teeny restroom looking sharp and pulled together.


1. Storage woes

Pedestal sinks fit nicely in tight spaces, but they don’t provide many options for storage. Tuck baskets for linens or hair brushes and other supplies under your sink and hide it all with a fabric skirt, like this one from HGTV.com.


2. Magazine racks to the rescue

Another spot to add storage? On the side of the sink, using magazine racks and similar bins attached with hooks or adhesive strips. This example from Dream Green DIY shows how easy it is to tuck hair supplies and other goodies out of the way, but easily within reach.


3. Shelve it

Whether they are built-in or added to the room, narrow shelves can fit easily in between a sink and toilet or shower. Organize your items in industrial-looking silver baskets or colorful canvas bins.


4. Towel art

If you're lacking a linen closet, you can make your clean white or colorful towels part of your bathroom’s decor. Carrie at Making Lemonade had a great idea to hang rustic baskets on the wall and placed rolled towels inside.


5. Stack 'em high

Just like in busy cities, when you run out of room to spread out, you move up! Craftsman Drive shows you how to install chunky shelves to house your toiletries and other necessities. Stack as many vertically on a wall as you desire, and you will add to, not take away from, the room’s decor. Don’t forget that if your toilet is housed in it’s own little room, shelves stacked above the commode will also be handy for storing extra paper and other goods.


6. Roll on

Steal a trick from your kitchen and use shelves on rollers — similar to those found in many pantries — under the sink in your bathroom. Jen at I Heart Organizing lined her pullout drawers with pretty contact paper and used baskets to separate smaller odds and ends. You can find similar drawer systems at places like the Container Store or home improvement stores.