Improve your posture with this core-strengthening exercise


women standing tall outdoors

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Finding yourself slumped in front of the computer lately? Not good! Not only does bad posture look bad, it can cause back pain, headaches and arthritis. Ouch!

If you are guilty of slouching, don't hang your head in shame. With practice and some stretching and the following core-strengthening exercises, you can improve your posture.

Join InShape Fitness trainer Kim Watkins as she guides us through this short, low-impact, equipment-free workout you can do wherever you want (you don't even need shoes!). The trick is to be aware of your body and constantly make adjustments when you feel yourself beginning to slouch. Proper form is very important.

Listen to the podcast below for step-by-step instructions, and click on the graphic to help guide to help you through each movement.

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