The incredible 16-inch waist: Barbie’s life-size measurements [Infographic]


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If you’re looking for a healthy example to model your body after, please — we beg of you — do not turn to Barbie. She may have stunning couture clothing that fits flawlessly, but if Barbie were a real life-size woman, she would fall over.

According to this infographic from Rehabs.com, Barbie’s ankles are so small (she’d be a child’s size 3 foot), she would have to walk on all fours. And with a neck 6 inches thinner than most women, Barbie would not be able to lift her head.

The infographic is an interesting look into the life-size measurements of the famous doll. But it begs the question: Should toy companies manufacture more realistic-looking dolls? Sound off below.

For more information, click here for Rehabs.com's analysis, "Dying to be Barbie."

(Click the infographic for a larger version.)

Is a Barbie Body Possible?

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