[Infographic] Freeze or flee: A survival guide for dangerous animal encounters

Shhh … Did you hear that? I think something’s moving in the bushes. Hear it? Oh God, it’s coming toward us …

Ah, wilderness. Nothing beats getting off the grid for a while for a good hike or camping adventure.

But what happens when you stumble upon a jacked-up black bear cocking its head at you with burning hot saliva shooting off its blade-like cuspids? What about cougars and crocs and rattlers and sharks? Do you run, or do you … duck?

Behold HellaWella’s Freeze or flee: A survival guide for dangerous animal encounters.

In this cheekily illustrated guidebook, you’ll learn what to do — and what not to do — to emerge with your skin intact after brushing up against 16 common and not-so-common creatures of the wild.

Click any image below to view the lightbox or download the full PDF.


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