[Infographic] How to make your Thanksgiving more sustainable


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Having a sustainable holiday does more than just create interesting dinner conversation. By shopping for local, seasonal and organic food within a 100-mile range, not only will your dinner be more delicious and healthy, but you'll also keep money within your community, save on fuel and keep food out of the landfills — among other benefits.

This eye-opening infographic by GOOD Magazine discusses little ways you can practice sustainability during the holidays. For example, just one local dish will help your wallet, your health and the planet; using real plates instead of paper plates saves trees; or (if you really want to save the planet — and your sanity from visiting relatives) celebrate the holidays via Skype. And it doesn't stop at dessert! America wastes 40% of its total food. Don't be the majority. GOOD explains how to handle your leftovers so they don't wind up in the trash.

Are you ready to take the 100-mile challenge this holiday season?