[Infographic] Top 10 best and worst cities for healthy skin


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Your skin might require more care simply because of where you live. Health and beauty site Daily Glow ranked the 55 largest U.S. cities from best to worst in healthy skin based on dermatologists per capita, skin cancer rates, climate data, healthy lifestyle indicators and other factors in the following infographic.

The top three cities were Portland, Ore., due to its low pollution and ozone rates, as well as its relatively low population of smokers; San Francisco because of its record-low number of tanning beds, among other factors; and Seattle, thanks to its low ozone days, low pollution levels and high number of overcast days.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the cities with the worst skin care appear to be farther south with the higher temperatures than the cities with the best care — with the exception of Honolulu, which shocked us by ranking No. 6, and Austin, Texas, which ranked No. 10. Honolulu made the top 10 because it has the lowest rate of air-particle pollution in the country and zero high-ozone days; and Austin ranked well because of its extremely physically active population.

The top three worst cities were Las Vegas, where 22.3% of the population smokes and lives in an extremely dry climate; Phoenix because of its unrelenting sunshine, low number of dermatologists per capita and a substantial number of high-ozone days; and Fresno due to its poor air quality and significant number of high-ozone days, among other reasons.

"Where you live has a huge influence on your skin's health and appearance,” Jessica Wu, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California and a dermatologist in Los Angeles, told Daily Glow. “While most of us wouldn't move to another state just for the sake of our skin, you can reduce your odds of skin cancer and premature aging by taking more precautions if you live in a high-risk area."

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