[Infographic] Top household spots harboring germs


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Germs are sneaky little suckers. We can’t see them with the naked eye, and what’s more, they like to nestle in the corners and crevices of our homes.

NSF International recently conducted a study that found where germs are hanging out in your home. The independent, not-for-profit organization, which protects and improves human health on a global scale, created an infographic based on the findings, “GERMS! They’re hiding…”

The top spots where you’ll find these unwanted germs:

• Kitchen sink
• Kitchen sponge
• Kitchen counter
• Coffee maker
• Kitchen stove
• Animal food dish
• Toothbrush holder
• Bathtub and shower

But fear not, the infographic, which explains how to clean each of these spots and how often, responsibly states the following:

“Although they have a bad reputation, don’t panic, exposing yourself to these pathogens at a safe level can help boost your immune system.”

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