[Infographic] Which produce is in season?


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This infographic from the Huffington Post explains one of the reasons (besides cooler temperatures, comfy sweaters and pretty leaves) fall is our favorite season: It’s prime harvesting time for apples, pomegranates, artichokes, olives and winter squash. Translation: We’re ready for some apple pie, butternut squash with cinnamon and roasted artichokes!

The HuffPo infographic illustrates the main vegetables and fruits in season during summer, autumn and year round. Sure, you can find apples at the grocery any time, but buying produce at peak seasons helps reduce your carbon footprint. During peak seasons, you can find fruits and vegetables produced locally. But out of season, they’re often shipped long distances to make it into your supermarket, thereby increasing their carbon footprint. To learn more about how to eat more sustainably, click here.

This infographic, while helpful and perfect for printing and putting on the fridge, is an oversimplified guide to seasonal produce. Learn about the different types of squash and other fall foods — like Jerusalem artichokes, kale, oysters, pear and pumpkin — as well as their health benefits, with our guide to seasonal fall foods here.