[Infographic] White House security unveiled


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We all know that securing our homes is of utmost importance. We employ locks, alarms and safes all in the name of keeping our house and belongings protected from thieves.

And if you think that keeping your own home safe is a mammoth job, just think of the measures the White House needs to take to do the same. Only they’re not really thinking about thieves.

HomeSecurityDeals.com created this infographic detailing the White House's known and rumored security measures.

"Home security is our business, so it only made sense for us to take a thorough look at the most secure house in America," said site manager Ty Collins. "We decided on the infographic medium early on, after finding normal article format was insufficient for the scope of the project. There's just so much interesting information on the subject. It's much better organized in graphic form like this."