[Infographic/Podcast] InShape Workout of the Month: Best of bare feet


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This is the last Workout of the Month for 2012 by our friends at InShape Fitness, and boy, do they have a doozy for you: It’s time to kick off your shoes and get to know your feet a little better. After all, they do so much for us!

Did you know that by working out in your bare feet, you gain awareness of your body weight distribution, better control of your movements and ultimately a more efficient workout? You also strengthen the muscles in your feet, which leads to more agility, power and speed. Strong muscles in the foot prevent injuries to your feet, hips and back.

InShape Fitness trainer Kim Watkins leads you through this shoeless set in the podcast workout below. Listen to the podcast for step-by-step instructions, and click on the graphic below to download a guide to get you through this routine.

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