InShape Workout of the Month: Let gravity help you get fit


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By now it's clear that sitting at a desk all day is harmful to your body. This lack of gravity causes all types of problems ranging from increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and an increased risk of an early death from heart disease and cancer.

Get off your rump and try this new workout by InShape Fitness. This month’s workout was inspired by Dr. Joan Vernikos, a former director of NASA's Life Sciences division and author of “Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness, and Early Death – And Exercise Alone Won't,” which discusses the impact of sitting and how it relates to the lack of gravity in space.

Trainer Kim Watkins will take you through a nine-minute set of exercises that will have you interacting with gravity and keeping your body healthy throughout the day.

Listen to the podcast below for step-by-step instructions, and click on the graphic to help guide to help you through each movement.

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