This invention could revolutionize the way you shovel


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Even the fittest of us can suffer from back pain after shoveling snow that has caked our driveways and stairs. Well, one inventor is pretty close to giving your aching muscles a bit of relief this winter.

The 21st Century Shovel, a Kickstarter campaign by Bosse Tools’ founder Stephen Walden, was developed to improve posture, reducing back strain; relieve wrist pain; and minimize shoulder injury. The shovel accomplishes this by giving you a tool that allows you to accomplish a two-handed lift in front of your body, which evenly distributes the load across your shoulders and chest.

"Our shovels utilize the body's strongest muscles to alleviate these issues by returning you to a more natural position. Bosse Tools provides an ergonomic benefit for its users," according to the product's Kickstarter page.

The shovel also allows you to customize your hand position with its rotating center handle. Complete your task in one motion by angling the handle toward the place where you will deposit the snow.

Walden's idea was born out of a day working in his parents backyard. He decided to combine a traditional shovel with the ease of use found in a hedge trimmer. He brought the idea to Loyola Marymount University's entrepreneurship program and won the school-wide "new venture creation" competition, plus a host of other competitions.

The full line, which is made in America, includes a spade shovel, flat head shovel and snow shovel.

The project has not yet reached its goal of $60,000, and has five days to go.

(And just in case the campaign doesn't reach its goal, here are some tips for safer shoveling.)