Ital living, Bob Marley style


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In honor of the legendary Bob Marley’s birthday on Feb. 6, HellaWella shows you how to connect with nature the Rastafarian way.

To achieve this connection to nature, Rastas follow the ital diet. Derived from the word vital, the ital diet is central to the Rastafarian movement and involves consuming foods that will increase the universal life force that followers believe resides in all human beings.

For many Rastas, building their internal life force can only be achieved from consuming foods that are natural and organic, and avoiding foods that are processed — even table salt (because it is chemically created). Many followers will adhere to a strict vegan diet, while others abide by the dietary restrictions as laid out in the Old Testament (kosher laws to all my fellow Jewish friends). Click here for more information on the ital diet.

With a strong focus on natural foods and its Jamaican roots, it is no surprise that ital recipes often involve the use of scotch bonnet peppers, coconuts, plaintains, sweet potatoes and other produce common in Jamaican food. For more on ital foods, visit EatJamaican.com.

And for some ital recipe ideas, check out these suggestions from Earthcultureroots.com. Please feel free to share your recipe ideas with us in the comments section below.

While Jamaica was the island Bob Marley called home, HellaWella suggests the Marley Bay Resort in the Bahamas as the ultimate way to connect with nature the way Bob Marley did. Built as a retreat for the singer and his family, this once private home now functions as boutique hotel, and features everything you need to revitalize your spirit. During your stay, be sure to sample the local inspired recipes at the Simmer Down restaurant and indulge in an herbal bath, body scrub or any of the other relaxing treatments at the resort’s Natural Mystic Spa.

If you can’t get away to the Caribbean, you can still get a taste of the islands with Marley’s Mellow Mood, a line of 100% natural teas and lightly carbonated sodas created in partnership with the Marley family. The line is available in supermarkets, natural food stores and other retail locations. For more information, visit Marleysmellowmood.com.

For more about Bob Marley and his connection to Rastafarianism, visit BobMarley.com.