Jiva Cubes bring you instant coffee in a tiny block of caffeinated bliss


Jiva Cubes

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Jiva Cubes

If you like the idea of instant coffee, but hate instant coffee, we may have the solution for you.

Coffee lover, meet Jiva Cubes. They’re a nifty little invention thought up by two college students who want your quick morning coffee to actually taste good. And it only takes two ingredients: coffee and raw sugar (or rather, a sugar cube with coffee mixed in).

And it’s as easy to make as it sounds: Just drop a cube or two, depending on how strong you like your coffee, into a mug of water or milk. After 30 seconds, give it a little stir and you’re off to coffee heaven.

And best of all, the cubes are vegan, gluten-free, fair trade, non-GMO and kosher.

The Kickstarter-funded company sources its coffee from the Ocamonte region (Santander) in Colombia and works with a single estate to ethically source the beans and unprocessed sugar cane. The money crowd-sourced from the Kickstarter project helped the company bring its first cubes to its customers.