Jumpstart your New Year's resolution with a fitness challenge


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If your “new year, new you” goal has been, um, slow to start, don’t despair. Signing up for a fitness challenge could be just the thing you need to set yourself up on the right track to success.

Challenges like the popular Give It 100 — where you have to take a video of you practicing/training for something every day for 100 days — are great ways to spark motivation and offer accountability. They are also excellent for creating consistency for your healthy lifestyle. Consistency is one of the key factors in any fitness and weight loss program.

This montage of Lakeisha Shurn's Give It 100 challenge video diary is a strong example of how powerful a fitness challenge can be for your life:


Don’t know where to begin? Try Challengeloop.com. They have dozens of challenges — some even have prizes for winners — including the Sweat Once a Day Challenge, the Try Something New Challenge, and the Rise and Shine Run Challenge.

Use social media to your advantage. It can be a great way to hold yourself accountable. In fact, invite friends to join in on a challenge.

Once you get into the swing of things, what you once considered a challenge will become a normal part of your routine.

Want to up the ante? Weight-loss wagering, or “diet betting,” might be more your speed. Put up the money and proclaim your goal. If you fall short of that goal, you lose the dough. Check out sites like HealthyWage or DietBetter if you’re feeling lucky.