Just unveiled: Super stylish, celeb-filled home decor website


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WHO WHAT WEAR WWW.DOMAINEHOME.COMIf you’re looking for some pizzazz in your home decor advice and inspiration, the brains behind online magazine “Who What Wear” have just unveiled DomaineHome.com. The new website, led by Mat Sanders (previously of Domino and ApartmentTherapy.com) highlights “stylish shelter content for fashionable consumers in the form of a shoppable online magazine.”

“The Who What Wear reader is stylish in all areas of her life — from the way she dresses to how she decorates her home,” said cofounder Hillary Kerr.

“With Domaine, we’re applying the same guiding principles we use on Who What Wear — inspire, inform and empower — to help our readers create a home that truly expresses who they are,” added cofounder Katherine Power.

Here’s are just some of features you’ll find on Domaine:

  • Unique interiors;
  • Breaking trend reports;
  • How-to’s;
  • Collaborative features with such personalities as Kelly Wearstler and Jeffrey Alan Marks (Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators”); and
  • Home tours with a number of celebrities and tastemakers, including actress Lea Michele.


Now we’ve all ogled at beautiful layouts — fashion, home decor or otherwise — and thought, “I want that! Where can I get my hands on that?” Well, if you scroll down on the site’s shoppable stories to the “Hey, Where’d They Get That Anyway?” section, you’ll find links to the featured companies’ websites. Some even take you straight to the product.

Other shoppable areas include none other than the “Shop” section of the site. Think fruit bowls, geometric throw pillows and entryway tables.

But the site doesn’t just stop at furniture and area rugs. If you head on over to the Living section, you’ll arrive at recipes, like this Pretzel Cheesecake; recommended books; and more.