Stay warm while keeping the heating bill down this winter


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One of the worst things about winter is surely the heating bill. And while you will undoubtedly need to crank the heat up at some point this season, there are things you can do to avoid turning it on too soon, or as often, and still stay toasty.


Air flow

Replace the weather stripping on your doors if needed, or block the draft with a rolled-up towel. The Frugal Living channel on About.com also suggests reversing the direction of your ceiling fans, bringing down the warmer air that has risen. And if you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed when it’s not in use to cut down on the chilly air funneling down the chimney.


Cover it up

When it comes to hardwoods, they may be beautiful, but they’re not exactly warming. Use area rugs to add warmth and, according to Forbes.com, curtains will do the same. During the day, open blinds and curtains to let sunshine in, but at night, close the drapes to keep the heat in and drafts out.


Layer it on

It probably seems obvious, but wearing extra layers around the house is the first line of defense against the cold. We lose the most heat through our heads, so a warm beanie and a thick pair of socks should do the trick. And don’t forget your bed — adding blankets or using flannel sheets, as suggested by Apartment Therapy, is a great way to get cozy in bed during the winter.