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Whether you aim to lose weight, quit smoking, start a new habit or learn a new language, technology offers resources for keeping on task with your New Year’s resolutions. Try any of these apps to assist and inspire you in accomplishing your goals throughout the year.



Devices: iPhone & iPad, iOS 7.0+

Price: $1.99

How many days in a row can you keep up with your resolution? The Chains.cc app acts as a motivational tool to help you build good habits and break bad ones. A graphic of a streak grows longer each consecutive day you work toward a goal, encouraging you to avoid breaking the chain. Join groups in the app’s online community if you need extra encouragement.



Devices: iPhone & iPad, iOS 7.1+

Price: Free

Make keeping your resolutions fun! The Habitica app gamifies your life by turning all your tasks and goals into monsters to conquer. Improve habits to build up your avatar — slip up and your character backslides in the game. Play alone or join friends or interest groups to hold each other accountable.


MyQuit Coach

Devices: iPhone & iPad, iOS 5.0+

Price: Free

Use this physician-approved MyQuit Coach app to kick your smoking habit this year. Create a personalized plan and set attainable goals for yourself, whether you choose to quit smoking cold turkey or gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake. The app also features inspirational photos, tips and a built-in social support network to help keep you motivated.



Devices: iPhone, iPad, iOS 7.0+; Android (varies with device)

Price: Free

Did your resolve to learn a new language (or brush up on one you already know) this year? The Duolingo app offers loads of mini-games that test your reading, writing and speaking skills in nine different languages. Track and share your progress across devices.



Devices: iPhone & iPad, iOS 8.0+; Android 4.0+

Price: Free

Get inspired to learn about a new field, explore innovative concepts and live a bigger life! Get access to the entire video library from the TED (technology, entertainment, design) Talks conferences run by the private nonprofit Sapling Foundation, which includes short, dynamic lectures from experts in technology, business, music, philosophy and more.


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This article was written by Amanda Bell, Angie’s List.

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