Keeping our kids safe: Beware the coin-sized battery


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It seems that kids these days manage to get their little fingers on almost everything. Today’s potential danger to your children: coin-sized batteries. (And you may not even realize that these batteries can be lurking in the devices you own.)

Thanks to a new partnership between Safe Kids USA and Energizer, parents and caregivers can get their hands on important information concerning the risks associated with swallowing these lithium batteries, including serious injury and even death. According to Dr. Toby Litovitz of the National Capital Poison Center, who is an adviser to the partnership, more than 3,400 swallowing cases reported in the United States in 2010.

“As demand grows for smaller, slimmer and sleeker electronic devices, the number of coin lithium batteries to power them grows as well,” Energizer director of marketing Stacey Harbour said. “We are partnering with Safe Kids USA to help spread the word to parents, grandparents, sitters and caregivers that children are at risk of opening these devices and swallowing the batteries inside. By keeping these batteries and devices away from children, this danger can be averted.”

Symptoms of ingestion can include coughing, drooling and discomfort. If your child has ingested one of these batteries, make sure to:
• Take him or her to emergency room immediately;
• Inform the doctor of the identification number on the battery package if you can;
• Don’t give your child food or drinks until you know for sure he or she has swallowed a battery; and
• Do not induce vomiting.

Check out TheBatteryControlled.com for more information and tips.