Key questions to ask yourself & tips to find happiness at work


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In today’s society, there is more stress on people to succeed and do more with less.  Everyone is hustling for that golden ring opportunity upon which their future lives will be easier and brighter, if they can only grab it. Unfortunately, in the quest to be successful, other things can suffer, such as satisfaction in the victories of daily life and appreciation for simple things. 

Employees are pushed to be more productive and produce more in less time, but still with quality. Stay seated longer at your desk, stand longer on the assembly lines, take shorter breaks or lunches, work overtime; this causes stress, often leading to an increase in sick days, with a decrease in work-life balance or happiness.

Eventually, there will be a lack of satisfaction in work that may present itself in varied ways.  Quality of work will suffer, conflict with coworkers may increase and total avoidance of a person or place may occur. Dissatisfaction can occur over years and cause depression and unhappiness in our lives. Most people don’t even realize it is happening to them, as they’ve always seen their situation as the norm!  

So, how can you improve the harmony in your work life? How can you be happier and achieve greater work-life balance?


Examine your level of balance. 

Do you dread even thinking about work the next day? Are you constantly thinking about things you need to accomplish at work? Do you feel that you can never disengage? Is there someone there that you don’t want to see? Honestly answering these questions can give you insight into your own mental state and let you know if you are happy with your job, if you can make small improvements or if you are completely dissatisfied with your working life.


What would you like to do?

Did you, like so many others, get an education in a field in which you could “earn a living,” instead of something that is fulfilling to you? Take time to really think about what you’d enjoy doing, and then research ways to incorporate it into your life.

Would you have rather been an art major? Talk to your boss or supervisor about new projects or opportunities that involve more creative work. If that’s not possible, look into art classes on evenings or weekends. Do you like to dance? Organize an office outing to a ballroom dancing class to find common ground with your coworkers.


What’s most important for a quality life? 

What things make you happy outside of work? Do you want to travel more? Set aside a portion of each paycheck to save for a trip. If your job requires travel, take an extra day to explore the city in which you are working. Take your vacations, even if it’s just to drive to the next town or state. 

Do you enjoy sports or exercise? Take walks, learn a new sport or join a community sports league, where you can have fun and meet new people. Do you enjoy nature? Visit local parks, learn something more about photography and enjoy capturing nature’s beauty.