Kick off spring cleaning with DIY projects from these lifestyle blogs



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Spring is the season of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s also the season of I’ve-been-stuck-indoors-for-months-and-holy-crap-my-home-needs-a-makeover. Readers, it’s time to get your DIY on. Do It Yourself projects may seem intimidating, but crafty bloggers are here to help, even if you are a total DIY novice. Let’s get started!


Making A Beautiful Mess

I’m a little obsessed with A Beautiful Mess, the mother of all lifestyle blogs run by stylish sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. I’m convinced there’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t do, especially when they team up with other crafty contributors. A Beautiful Mess is a DIY diva’s dream; you could lose yourself in the archives of recipes, sewing projects, photography tips and paper crafts. Best of all, they make rehabbing your home fun with their gorgeous images, thorough instructions and relentlessly cheerful attitude. A Beautiful Mess will help you get your home together no matter what size your space is or skill level you possess with DIY projects for every single room, from kitchens to nurseries. Get inspired with ABM’s “At Home With…” series, which gives you access to stylish homes of fellow creative geniuses such as Elizabeth Morrow, the brains behind lifestyle blog Delightfully Tacky. Once you start perusing ABM, you will no doubt get the urge to create. You might just find yourself installing a copper pipe hanging planter, building a hoop shelf or sewing sweater pillows.

Photo by Jessica Mendez

Easy Peasy Home DIY: Crafting does not get much easier than this Packing Tape Transfer project. All you need are some old magazines, packing tape and water to create interesting, textural art in minutes. The process is almost meditative, and I highly recommend it for those days when you just want to chill out and do something with your hands. This technique has become one of my favorite collaging tricks, and when the weather warms up, I’m taking Larson’s advice and decorating my windows with these translucent strips for illuminated art.


Oh, Homey Oh My!

I hate painting walls. Loathe it. Give me a canvas or paper, and I will paint for hours, but house painting is the actual worst. I’ve learned to make this aversion work for me by creating gallery spaces throughout my apartment, and blogger Amy Kim of Homey Oh My! is the perfect guide. Kim has tons of ideas for how to decorate sans the dreaded paint job, and she goes far beyond merely arranging artwork, though she does that brilliantly as well. This beautiful blog has clear photos and step-by-step instructions for creating simple but stunning art such as a 3-D heart and an abstract black-and-white painting, both of which are suitable for framing. Check out Kim’s tutorial on how to cut photo mats to give your art a clean, professional look. My favorite decorating tip from Homey Oh My! has to be using vinyl tape to create an accent wall in your home without paint. I have already put it on my spring home makeover to-do list.

Kim also has wonderful DIY stationery projects that will add a stylish touch to your home office. I cannot wait to add these gold desk dishes and plant pots to my space.

Photo by Jessica Mendez

Easy Peasy DIY: This five-minute notebook revamp is perfect for transforming a plain journal into a work of art. I used images from a travel magazine to decorate my planner, and I love the result so much I’ve put the book on display.


Natural Beauty

Free People is known for its lovely bohemian clothing and accessories, but the company’s blog, Bldg 25, has a wealth of eco-friendly DIY projects for the home. Give your house a natural home makeover by decorating with dried flowers and giant dream catchers crafted from branches. Freshen up your spring bed sheets with reusable, chemical free fabric dryer sheets and felted dryer balls. Try dyeing plain fabric with natural dyes from black beans, flowers, coffee and tea to make unique table linens. I hope you saved up all the corks from your bottles of holiday bubbly so you could bring some green indoors with these adorable itty bitty cork planters.

Photo by Jessica Mendez

Easy Peasy DIY: Bldg 25 is about as obsessed with lavender as I am. Make this homemade oil diffuser, and your home will feel like Provence in no time.

Browse these sites and find a project that works for you! Tell us: what are your DIY home makeover tips?