Light beers with low alcohol banned in Colorado bars


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Eats_ColoradoLightBeerBan As of next year, many Colorado residents won’t be able to order their favorite light beer at the local bar. According to the Denver Post, the state is cracking down on alcohol license restrictions that limit bars, restaurants and liquor stores to selling only high-alcohol beers. Only convenience and grocery stores can sell low-alcohol beers.

Eats_YuenglingLightLagerBar, restaurant and liquor store licenses allow them to sell liquor, wine and beer containing more than 4% alcohol by volume or 3.2% alcohol by weight. Everything else — including light versions of popular beers like Amstel, Heineken, Corona, Yuengling and Michelob — can only be sold in grocery and convenience stores, which can’t sell the higher-alcohol beers.

While these licenses aren’t new, they hadn’t been strictly enforced, which led to three years of hostility between the two groups of businesses. The reinforced regulations will take effect gradually, wrote Jessica Fender at the Denver Post, beginning with beer manufacturers and working down.

The change would severely limit low-calorie options for weight-conscious consumers at restaurants and bars since beers with a higher alcohol content are typically also higher in calories. Opponents to the new rules are hoping that lawmakers will consider alternative solutions in 2014.

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