Look out for these 5 mutant 'fishy-food' cars on the road this month


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Meet Rooty, K-Sup, Goldie, Poppy and Soja Girl, the five fishy-food cars that will be traveling cross country this summer with 17 activists to support the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Starting at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 5, the anti-GMO fleet will kick off its 3,300-mile Are We Eating Fishy Food tour all the way to Washington state, passing through 13 states and nine state capitols, with events along the way. 

The cars all began in September 2011 with "Poppy" the FishyCorn Car, which was created by Cesar Maxit and DC51 artist collective for the Right2KnowMarch from New York City to Washington. Poppy was joined by the Fishy Sugar Beet "Rooty," Fishy Apple "Goldie," Fishy Soy "Soja Girl" and Fishy Tomato "K-Sup" in 2013 when Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps joined the initiative and helped fund the project.

The activists are hoping to educate the public on the importance of GMO labeling through their attention-grabbing rides. Washington was an appropriate destination considering the state will be deciding whether or not to label genetically engineered ingredients in November. 

Check out the crazy roof-mounted sculptures in the slideshow below, and visit AreWeEatingFishyFood.com to learn more about the initiative and view the tour route.