Make a fun and affordable Halloween costume with these fun tees and hoodies


Halloween costume

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Halloween is nearly here. Whether you have a party to go to or are simply planning to sit on your couch, eating chocolate and watching scary movies, there’s still time to throw together a fun Halloween costume to get into the spirit of things. The best part is that you can use what you have on hand or buy pieces that are comfortable and practical rather than those generic bagged monstrosities. Take the T-shirt, for example. Some may say T-shirts are a copout Halloween costume, but I beg to differ. Whether you use a clever graphic T-shirt or jazz up a basic white T-shirt, you can have a fun costume in no time flat!


Topic-al T-shirts

If you’re looking for an easy pop culture costume, head to every mall Goth’s favorite fashion emporium, Hot Topic. They have a stellar selection of costume T-shirts that will make you feel like a kid again or, at the very least, a no-fuss cosplayer. Hot Topic is seen as a store for the younger set by a lot of people, but anyone with a sense of humor and geek Hot Topictendencies looking to spend their grownup paychecks on nostalgic whims will delight in the store’s offerings. The best thing about their extensive line of costume-style tops and tees is that they’re meant to emulate the suits of iconic characters, so all you really need to complete your look is a pair of leggings — even your yoga or running leggings will do — or jeans. Pair a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shell T-shirt with a mask in your preferred turtle’s color — I was a Michelangelo fan as a kid — and you have yourself a costume. You can also be a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger for a day, or try your hand at channeling the depraved Harley Quinn circa Batman: The Animated Series. In addition to Miss Quinzel, the retailer also carries t-shirts depicting the costumes of fan favorites from both the Marvel and DC universes like Deadpool, Batman and Spiderman. Star Wars fans, check out Hot Topic’s selection of armor t-shirts, like this Boba Fett design. Perennial emo favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas is also well represented; I don’t care if I’m in my mid-30’s, this reversible Jack and Sally hoodie will be mine for Halloween and beyond. Speaking of hoodies, what could be easier than throwing on a Doctor Who Tardis hoodie over your usual tee and skinny jeans? Costume accomplished. Hot Topic also carries accessories to complete your looks, such as jewelry, hats and tights.


Not-so-plain white tee

White T-shirts are a staple in many wardrobes, and it can be transformed in a number of ways. Rookie’s Halloween shopping list for turning a plain white T-shirt into a costume has some great ideas for minimally crafty people. I would have never thought of using an oversized white T-shirt as a Princess Leia tunic had they not mentioned it. Genius! This is a great starting point for those who are on a budget and are looking for some easy and cheap options.

Turn a T-shirt into a homemade mermaid costume. Start with this amazing tutorial from YouTube fashion vlogger Annika Victoria, who does DIY versions of trendy clothing items. Her take on a mermaid-inspired shell crop top is easy and only requires a few basic crafting supplies. As Annika says, the initial cost for the supplies may seem a bit much, but you can use them again. (And hey, you might already have some of these supplies lying around!) The shell top is so easy and adorable, and you can apply the tutorial to shirts of various lengths if you’re looking for a bit more coverage. I love Annika’s styling as well; she smartly pairs the top with a long green skirt to evoke a mermaid’s tail, a look I would totally wear to a Halloween party or even on a date night. However, if you’re looking to go a little more overt, why not use a green or turquoise pair of leggings, perhaps something with a print or a bit of shimmer? I like the vibe of these high rise Cree leggings from Onzie, but feel free to use what you have.

Take advantage of these awesome costume ideas for a fun and easy Halloween look!