Make healthy food truck choices like a pro


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As food truck popularity increases throughout the United States, so do the choices.

Food trucks now are a revolutionary part of urban eating, when once they were limited to greasy spoon-on-wheels fare. Forget hot dogs, rubbery pizza slices, pre-packaged Choco Tacos and soft pretzels. We’re talking about really imaginative cuisine — Korean barbecue, gourmet waffles and even lobster. It’s truly innovative.

So what’s a health-conscious foodie to do when confronted with food truck options? While the selection is better, that doesn’t always mean that it’s good for us. So let’s tackle healthy food truck purchases like a pro with these tips:

1. Plan out your purchase beforehand

The benefit of a food truck is that they move around easily. So seek out the healthier ones and ask the owner what his or her schedule is for different locations, or look it up on Twitter even. That way you know in advance when your favorite vegan sandwich truck will be near your office.

2. Forget the processed foods and look for those with fresh ingredients

Overly processed foods are dangerous because of the amount of salt, sugar and fat loaded into them to make you eat more and crave a product. By going for fresh ingredients, you’re ditching those additives and specially crafted formulas that keep you coming back for mass quantities.

3. Go for innovation, but don’t buy into the fad

Food trucks have become cool because of the innovative foods offered. People line up around the block for those sandwiches made with doughnuts or grilled cheeses dripping with exotic cheeses. Want to know why? They’re foods so outrageously bad for us that we feel we must try them at least once. Resist the urge and keep your waistline in place.