Make your own LEGO gummy candy and savor the delicious nostalgia


awesome & delicious homemade LEGO gummy candy

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Hop on Pinterest and scroll for a few minutes and you might find a few recipes on how to make homemade gummy candy. Some recipes are made using Jell-O in every imaginable flavor (read: color), while others use real fruit. Many are made with gelatin, while others are made with Pectin to make the sweets vegan-friendly. We were going to pick our favorite healthier options, but lo, the Internet, doing what it does best, distracted us with this awesome video by Grant Thompson — the man behind the King of Random DIY YouTube channel — on how to make LEGO gummy candy. Tons of it. And it's stackable.

Sure, Internet cynics might sneer that it's pretty much an advertisement for the LEGO molds. But you don't have to order yours from Amazon. You can always try to make your own. Oh, delicious nostalgia. Get into our bellies.

This is why we love you, Nerdist.