Make your own tablet holder from a cutting board


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Reprinted from Mamie Jane's

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about a very simple kitchen iPad / tablet holder using a vintage potato masher. After writing that post I was browsing through the Pottery Barn website and came across a tablet holder they are currently selling for $34.50.

Photo source: Pottery Barn

Since I had this old cutting board that had a similar look ($1.00 thrift store purchase), I thought I would try and make my own version of the Pottery Barn holder.


In addition to the cutting board I also used a Scrabble tile holder,


and a child's building block.


I used wood glue and attached the Scrabble tile holder to the bottom front of the cutting board.


The building block was then glued to the back.


Once the glue dried I painted the holder white, sanded the edges and then stained the piece.


My knockoff was complete ... for under $2.00!


Thank you Pottery Barn for the inspiration!