#Mamming: Laying your boobs on stuff to raise awareness [Video]


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No, seriously. The latest campaign to promote breast cancer awareness is called "mamming," and the initiative's website actually states: "This October, lay your boobs on stuff and Instagram a pic to encourage more women to mam where it matters most: the doctor's office." 

Created by two female advertising creatives — one of whom survived breast cancer — the mamming campaign is about "embracing the awkwardness of mammograms" so women can become more comfortable with the not-so-comfortable, but definitely essential, screening. 

To get involved, go ahead and mam. (Still not understanding the concept here? Check out the video below.) Snap a pic of your mam and hashtag it #mamming. The campaign's website, ThisIsMamming.com, also encourages women to talk to other important women in their life about getting a mammogram. Check out the website for more info.